Living speaker

With life as our gift, living is choosing.



Humanity's central behest is living its unfolding quest, in the moment, wherever it is, whatever it has become, no matter what. It's that simple and it's not easy, but is possible.


Ours is to live both apart from and as a part of the whole by paying attention, perceiving the situation, considering our options, then choosing the better which leads to the next.


The First Question

Knowing is what sets humans apart. Thoughts guide lives. We are curious, thoughtful choosers. The first query may be, "What's it about?" What's what about? Everything. What's the cosmos about? What's earth about? Life? Human life? Your life? My life? Living as our[true]self is in our answers.


The Answers

Nobody knows for sure. Certainty is our myth. Living occurs on the quest. It's ours to pursue. All the best in yours. 


Living Topics

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