3. Delivering the Program

It's show time and you alone know what your intension.


You have met your audience... checked the room... prompted your introducer... hydrated (and dehydrated)... you are ready...


Show Time!


Of all I want to tell, this is first most and what I have the least to say except, "Be yourself."  I am convinced audiences want two qualities in a speaker: content and the 'who we really are', especially in our stories.


Every time I tell the tale of how my English/Journalism teacher, Mrs. Eckert, influenced my life, audience members who come forward after want to talk about it... not Mrs. Eckert... the person who had the same effect on them... Coach Johnson,  Mrs. Williams, Uncle Lee, Aunt Bea...  Everyone must have someone like Mrs. Eckert in their life.


That's it... program done... take a break... then Debrief!


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