2. Designing a Program

Every program is a sequence of event.


When Tom Robbins spoke at the Florida Suncoast Writers Conference years ago, he was asked, "What's the hardest part of writing a novel?" He said, "The first sentence."  The next question, "What's the second hardest part of writing?"  You guessed it, "The second sentence."  It got a big laugh which he followed with, "It's funny, but I'm serious.  Every sentence deserves my best writing."  How about speakers?


How will you design your best program?  That will depend on how you are most creatively organized.  Will you script and choreograph it?  Will you know it cold or have  a mind map to follow?  I create a file folder and use 3 X 5 cards for every bit that fits, arranging them in a sequence that flows from where I begin to the big finish.  How about you? 


Every point I make is developed as a bit of five to ten minutes or so.  Some — signature stories, for example — are well rehearsed, even choreographed.  Others are 'mapped', more improvisational.  Define and Design your best way so you always know "what comes next.".


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