Create the Set-Up

If at first you don't get their attention...


Task: Write an opening line that prompts attention.

Reason: If they don't listen immediately... when?

Favorites: Some of the best opening lines I know.


"Four score and seven years ago...", Abe Lincoln,


"Yesterday, December 7th, 1941, a day which will live in infamy..." President Franklin Delano Roosevelt


"I suspect, you'd have eaten a lot slower if you knew

 I was going to have time to say something." Bob Murphey


"Some things are easy to learn and hard to do. Some things

 are easy to learn and easy to do... crying..." Bill Gove,


"On the first day of eighth grade, I had a crushing pain

in my chest. Knew I would die... it was love." Gordon Hill


What's yours? It's important.


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