Core Explaining


Begin it by saying it in a minute


One way to create a new bit, especially if you want it to be humorous,
is to begin with a core message of a minute...  It's a two step process:


1. Create a bare bones, mini-bit of one hundred words or so.

 2. Expand it [add humor, story, asides] until it's what you want.


This idea has origins from two top speakers.  One would stop you at
the NSA Convention and ask, "Do you have "a minute?"  If you said,
"Yes." he delivered his bit, assess its effect, thank you and move on.
The other became a professional speaker from stand up comedy and
told us he tried to develop one minute of new "A" material every day.
That way he could return to a club every nine weeks with a new set.


Examples:  The audio clips on this site (click the blue speaker icon)
are flash speeches of sixty seconds or so in MP3 format.  Enjoy.



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(as of May 30, 2014)