The Fear of Speaking


The Great Myth of Public Speaking


When someone says, "Public speaking is the #1 fear."  I want to shout, "No.  It's not..."  The fear of public speaking is like other fears: snakes, spiders, heights... Still the fear of speaking dos exist for valid reasons:


•  Inexperience: Fear of what we have not done.  Do it!

•  Lack of preparation:  A common cause.  Be Prepared!

•  Lack of commitment:  Another major cause.  Do your best!

•  Belief in the Myth: Dismiss the myth for what it is, bogus.

•  Nothing to say: Intelligent fear of being the fool.  Be smart!

•  Disinterested:  Not something one wants to do.  Don't!


Note to Speakers:  The fear of speaking in public is real and, for many, the #1 fear... but it is local, not universal.  If you want proof people aren't afraid to speak, look around.  People are speaking everywhere.  They love it... in private... in small groups.  They're fearless.  They have plenty to say and do so, with gusto.  All they need is a commitment and the experience.

It's that simple and it's not easy, but it is possible.  Help them!



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(as of May 30, 2014)