Whence Cometh Motivation?


When others learns I was a professional speaker, some ask if I was a motivational speaker.  No, but I was a motivated speaker.  I developed and presented multi-day, high-tech seminars on all the bit fiddling that occurs in voice and data networks.  Still, motivation was an essential part.


What is motivation?  For me, it's that compelling desire to participate in life.  It's behind a door, opened only from the inside.  A speaker can knock, but, motivation occurs only when someone opens their door to the message.


During Air Force Technical Instructor training, in 1957, we were told that motivating students was the creation of "a burning yearning for learning."  My mainline approach was my enthusiam for the subjects.  I loved it.


The best motivational advice I know came from Tony Robbins at an NSA Convention in the nineties.  During his program he asked the hundreds assembled, "What do you want to be?"  A voice in the back yelled, "Just like you!" He replied, "No!  Be yourself!"  That's the key... just be yourself. 



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