On Speaking

The Stephen King Method Applied to Speaking


The best book I know on becoming a better speaker is On Writing by Stephen King, which is about writing, but don't be misled.  (If your library doesn't have it you may be able to get a good copy through abebooks.com for about four bucks including shipping)  It's two books in one:


1. A memoir of the journey he took in becoming a successful writer.


2. A How-To on becoming a better writer (beginning on page 141).

    His two part process is a) Write every day and b) Read every day.


To become your better speaker, substitute 'speak' for 'write' and 'listen' for 'read', hence, speaking and listening to other speakers every day.


I now have the CDs of my favorite speakers in my car and listen to one as I drive.  By listening to how other speakers move an audience I get ideas on how to improve mine by creating a new and improving the core.



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