Program Types

Different Formats; Identical Purpose: Audience Insight!


When I tell someone I was a professional speaker, a frequent response is, "Were you a motivational speaker?"  "No, I developed and delivered seminars, gave speeches, facilitated workshops and trained trainers."  Here are the distinctions:


Speech: Usually an uninterrupted presentation.


Seminar: Primarily lecture with Q&A during and after each topic.


Workshop: Interactive session with a topic focus, facilitated by a leader.


Training: One on few to develop another's ability in a specific skill.


Consulting: Engagement as a skilled adviser.


Mentoring/Coaching:  Person-to-person talent development.


These are the different program types in my view.  If yours differ, that's fine.  There is some difference of opinion on this, but speakers aren't licensed.  Mox nix.




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(as of May 30, 2014)