SME, Gee & Whee

An Explainer's Success Threesome


SME (Subject Matter Expertise)

The expertise others want to know.  Mine was the Internet.  I knew about all the bit fiddling that occurred from the time information was sent until it was received and validated.  What's your SME?


Gee (The Desire to Learn More)

Every good explainer is a committed to their SME, eager to learn, excited to explain it.  How's your Gee?


Whee (The Joy of Explaining SME)

What Is more satisfying than someone saying, "Oh, now I get it!"   Fees are important, but as Bob Murphey told us, "If money is all you're getting out of speaking, you ain't getting enough."  How's your Whee?


Actually, SME, Gee & Whee lead to success in every field.



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(as of May 30, 2014)