Speaking & Writing

Be not deceived, they're different.


In my early days as a National Speakers Association member, the added revenue mantra was, "Write a book."  As a joke I wrote "The Last Word in Self-Help"; gave away thousands... even sold one... for $10.


Bill Gove, first President of NSA, said "words written to be spoken are not the same as words written to be read" which some speaker authors miss.


While we can reread what is unclear, but can't re-listen to live speakers who are challenged to know where and how to repeat key points.


A speaker has many ways to emphasize a point (voice, face, body...), a writer is limited to text and images on the page.


These differences challenge writer and speaker to form a message which will move their audience to insight.  Not easy, but worth it beyond words.


As a speaker, audiences are my guides.  As a writer, I need an editor. 



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(as of May 30, 2014)