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Enthusiasm for Speaking 


I am a Speaker

 I love to speak and have for a long time – too much at times – but with  good intentions or so I tell myself.


What's Speaking About ?

That's Question #1.  Bill Gove liked to said, "Speaking is a performing art.  Without an audience a speaker doesn't exist."  That's about it.


 I began speaking professionally in 1957, a nineteen year old Air Force technical instructor, with no thought of a speaking career.  It's what I was ordered to do.  Thirty years later it became my thirteen year professional speaking career developing and delivering technical seminars.


What's This About ?

What follows are my views on ways to become – keep becoming – a better public speaker.  Some are original; some are not; some are a mix.  Each is offered as an encouragement to improve your speaking.


Speaking Topics


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