The Last Word in Self-Help

The Only Thing We Need to Know?


In the nineties, a recurrent professional speaker encouragement was, "Write a book!  You've got to write a book."  I did.  Several, but as a seminar leader,  they were  workbooks, those huge notebooks students got on the first day of a multi-day seminar.  My speaking buddies railed on.  As a jest, I wrote The Last Word in Self-Help to end the 'bullying.'  While it failed to do so, this book do reveals my personal truth:


 I'm on a quest to live my best

 To seek my joy, to feel the zest

 Which flows from life as my[true]self

 Embracing all that's on my shelf.


The "Write a Book" movement continues.  Fine.  I've written mine.   It says what I believe is the core of authentic living: Helping.  Now in its fourteenth edition, with thousands distributed, sold one to Ray Pellitier, who gave me $10 and said if I didn't keep it he'd never speak again... not beiing a career killer, I kept it.  You can print two copies from the link below.  (Print it two sided, cutting and folding it for the finished product.)  All the best in your quest, wherever it leads.


 The Last Word in Self-Help (PDF)


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