Vignette spkr

To influence directly



Bill Gove encouraged speakers to use this model when persuading an audience to
consider a point of view.  For reasons unknown, he 'adopted' me and urged me to
become a speaker who encouraged audiences toward better thinking and feeling.


The Vignette Model

Premise (Opening: A statement of opinion or belief):  "For me a speaker's primary role is encouraging an audience to do their own thinking and feeling."


Problem/Resolution (Middle:  The challenge such a view brings and the resolution
thereof):  "I know there are some who disagree with this, those who think that
what they have to say is more important than what their audiences think or feel... I
would be, too... if I thought my views were universal, but they're not... not yet anyway.
No, until then I will offer my opinions for consideration, not unquestioned acceptance."


PayOff (Closing: The personal benefit achieved):  "For me, this yields two benefits.  First, I am not setting myself up as an opinions authority and second, I realize no one else can be either.  Not a bad situation to be in... when you think about it."


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